Request to Fund ANGST Screening for Students in December - Crowd-fundraising goal of $1500 by Wednesday
Fri, Dec 7 2:25pm
Summit Denali

Dear Denali Families - 

Thank you and a new request for help to contribute to a $1500 fundraising goal.
Thank you to so many of you for your recent support to fund the screening of the movie, ANGST  a documentary about anxiety in teens and what to do about it. There was a large turnout and positive response to the film when we showed it for our November parent education night.
Here’s our new request: we are hoping to crowd-fund $1500 to show the ANGST film to all of our students during the school day.  We believe it’s that important and that useful to open and extend a discussion for real talk in our community about mental health and wellness.
If you can donate, please contribute to this PayPal pool for Summit Denali’s ANGST Screening for Students   If 60 families can donate $25 each, we will make our goal.  Any amount in $25 increments is greatly appreciated!  This is a sprint drive, and we hope to raise these funds by Wednesday, December 12th.
Summit Denali is going to offer a Mental Health Awareness during the last week of school before winter break (Dec 17-21).  The goal is to show the movie at school to all students by grade level during Mentor PLT that week.  Additionally, we are working on engaging outside clinicians and professionals to either come in to speak or share resources with us. This opportunity will use the existing practice of mentor group circles and grade level collaboration to enrich how we approach and support wellness for all.  
These goals are considered “social-emotional learning” or “SEL" which is a priority strategy for educators across the US.  By integrating the film and discussion into the curriculum, we can support SEL goals which can reduce behavioral issues, promote life skills like executive functioning and social problem-solving and improve well-being.  SEL growth through activities like this and others that Summit offers is a major advantage for our students.  Thank you for your help in supporting this strategy for our faculty to use.
Here’s a link to more information about ANGST.
Thank you for your consideration and offer to help with a financial contribution today.
Debbie Stauffer
Parent Education Volunteer at Summit Public Schools Denali