Robotics Club @ Summit Denali
Wed, Jan 18 10:00am
Summit Denali

Hi all:

Robotics club will be starting the last Wednesday of January. We will have 2 8 week sessions, with enough seats for 16 students in each.  The meetings will take place at Weddell Dr. location  from 3:30 - 5 pm. 
Here are the dates for each of the sessions:
session 1 (1/25 - 3/22 except no school days)
session 2 (4/5 - 5/31 except no school days)
Please consider this club is not a drop in club. The students pair up, so their partner will depend on them. Further, there will be zero tolerance for disrespect towards coaches, other participants and the robotics items. Everyone is expected to participate in robotics while in the room or will be asked to leave. 
Everything needed to participate will be provided, and a fee of $50 per student is requested. Scholarships are available as well as discounted fees for students if a family member can volunteer at each meeting.
Fill out this form to enroll, one for each student.
If you have any questions, please email me at