SBAC Testing (Math & English; Gr 6-8)
Mon, Apr 30 - Thu, May 3
Summit Denali
1 day before

The annual state standardized tests, the SBAC,  begins Monday! Students in grades 6-8 will demonstrate all of their hard work and learning from the year. Results from the SBAC help students take pride in their learning and help us all assess how better to design and deliver your students’ education. Results from the exam are mailed home to families in late summer.
The exam has four parts - an English multiple-choice-style test, an English long-answer essay, a math multiple-choice-style test and a math long-answer performance task. Each part takes approximately 90 minutes, but has no time limit - students can use as much time as they need to do their best.
The SBAC will take place on April 30, May 1, May 3 and May 4, beginning at 8:15 am each day.

SCHEDULE- State Testing Grades 6-8


Testing Begins at 8:15 am


Monday, April 30

English/Language Arts - Part 1 (multiple choice)


Tuesday, May 1

English/Language Arts - Part 2 (Long answer/essay)


Wednesday, May 2

Mathematics - Part 1 (multiple choice)


Thursday, May 3

Mathematics - Part 2 (Long-answer/performance task)


How to help your student do their best

  • Talk to your student about the importance of giving their full effort. “Fight for every question!” Each individual question can make a big difference in a student's score!
  • Believe.  Every student at Summit Denali has worked incredibly hard and grown in their skills.  Every student is capable of scoring well on these tests. More than anything, success on standardized tests is about believing in your ability to be successful.
  • Food for thinking!  Students need to have a good breakfast to do their best. There will be snacks, but nothing beats a complete breakfast.
  • Sleep.  Students must receive adequate sleep so that they can be rested and alert for the test.
  • Be on time to school!

Why State Tests Matter

  • Preparation for future high-stakes tests. In high school, students will take college admissions tests, like the SAT and ACT, and their 11th grade SBAC test is actually used to determine university placements. We prepare students for those tests in our high school grades, but middle school tests are important practice!
  • External validation of our school.  It is our responsibility as a school to make sure that our curriculum and instruction prepares all students for success in college and life.  Our curriculum is mapped to success in college and career. The skills assessed on SBAC are skills that are practiced by our students throughout their time in our program.  Our results have shown a strong correlation between success and growth in cognitive skills and success on SBAC exams,
  • Evidence of student growth and success.  While we have many internal measures which demonstrate that our students are growing every day.  External measures such as standardized test translate that growth into an external result that can be compared across school sites, districts and states.  Currently, results on SBAC are some of the only measures that are available to rank our school and, in the future, to give colleges a measure of the rigor and outcomes to evaluate our programming and the readiness of our students for college curriculum.
  • Funding.  Student participation rate in the SBAC exam for Summit Denali impacts full funding from the California Department of Education and the Federal Department of Education.

8th Grade Science Test - CAST
The state of California is piloting a new state science assessment that is much better aligned to the type of learning students do at Summit. Our 8th graders will take this year's assessment and families and Denali will get to see results! Details will be shared soon!