Schedule of Teacher's Appreciation Week, May 1-5
Fri, Apr 28 2:03pm

Hello Denali Community,

Thank you to the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade parents for hosting the appreciation meals we have had so far.  Thanks in advance to the 9th grade parents!

Since we have the meals throughout the year, Teacher's Appreciation Week is more simple and  interactive between the students and Mentors. We have some leftover funds to use toward next week's events.  No need for donations, this is just to keep you in the loop!

Monday- Coffee and Pastries for Faculty

Tuesday- Write a  msg to your Mentor.  Post Its will be provided for students to write on and then placed in a design on the wall.

Wednesday- Take a picture with your Mentor! Photo Booth and accessories provided. Pizza Lunch will also be provided to the faculty.

Thursday- Each Mentor will receive a cute msg from their group.

Friday- "Survival Kits" (non perishable snacks) will be handed out to the faculty.