Seeking Donations for Upcoming Parent Ed Night Film Screening
Thu, Aug 2 3:02pm
Summit Denali
In our Parent Education series this fall, Summit Denali is going to host a special film screening of ANGST - a new documentary about anxiety.  Click here to view the movie trailer.
This is a new film created to open up the conversation about anxiety and provide tools, resources and hope.  Just like with previous films we’ve shown (Screenagers, Most Likely to Succeed and Code: Debugging the Gender Gap), we need to pay for a single screening which we are hoping to raise with parent donations.
The hosting fee is $500 in ticket sales at the door, but we are going to collect donations in advance to crowd-source the cost.  We are asking for $25 minimum donations and hoping to have 20 families contribute to the cause.  
We are collecting money through a “PayPal pool” which tracks donations and donors and identifies when our goal is reached.  We will provide you with a tax donation receipt later from Summit Denali.  Donate here:
We appreciate that many families have been consistently generous with donations to Denali, and we hope that this cause is a reasonable request that creates meaningful opportunities for families to give.  
Please contact Debbie Stauffer (Parent Education Coordinator) if you have any questions:
Thank you for your support!