Seeking Experts for ANGST Film Panel Planning Committee
Fri, Oct 5 7:09pm
Summit Denali

We are seeking experts from our parent community to join a Panel Planning Committee for Summit Denali's screening and discussion for the documentary film, Angst, which we are screening on November 13th. In particular, we are gathering those with professional expertise as a licensed therapist, school counselor, social worker or human resource representative. Our committee will have an opportunity to preview the film and build a Panel Discussion that will take place at the event. We are looking for professionals who can talk about anxiety and how it specifically affects their group, and why s/he feels the film is timely, useful and beneficial.

Additionally, if there are people who can help with printing posters/hanging flyers from our moviemaker’s resource kit, that would be very helpful!

Please notify Debbie Stauffer, Parent Ed Coordinator, at by October 10th. We will organize a committee meeting soon after that time.

Thank you!