Spring Theatre Production Auditions
Fri, Jan 19 3:19pm

Auditions for the Spring Production will be next Wednesday (1/24) from 3:45-5:00pm, in Room 4.


Ms. Steele, our middle school Arts Expedition Teacher, will be directing two short comedy plays: Crazytown and 10 Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse.


Both pieces have solid roles for men and women, and work well as ensemble pieces. They are comedic commentary on our modern world, the media, and . . . well . . . surviving the Zombie Apocalypse!


Actors are expected to rehearse and present (does not need to be memorized) a monologue, they can get from Ms. Steele.  Monologues are available, during lunch, in the back Grand Room. There will also be opportunities to do cold readings (unrehearsed scenes from the actual show) so please plan on staying for the whole hour and 15 minutes of auditions, or until released. If your actor absolutely cannot make the audition, please have them seek out Ms. Steele to make alternative arrangements.


Performance dates are May 4 and 5, with the possibility of a school wide performance on May 3. This would mean that Tech Week would begin Saturday, April 28th, with late night rehearsals all week. Regular rehearsals will be held M, Tu, W, Th each week, but actors won't be called for every day of rehearsal.


If you have any specific questions, please reach out directly to Ms. Steele (asteele@summitps.org)