Sunnyvale City Council Meeting
Tue, May 17 6:45pm-11:00pm
Sunnyvale City Hall, 456 W. Olive Ave., Sunnyvale, CA 94086
1 day before

We had an overwhelming show of support from the Denali community at the Planning Commission meeting on May 9.  As previously communicated, we were on the agenda and the commission was taking a vote on our Use Permit for Weddell Dr. It was a close call, but ultimately we narrowly missed the vote going in our favor - four votes to three.

As a reminder, the Planning Commission votes to make recommendations, but it’s the City Council that has the final vote on approval. The City Council operates independently from the Planning Commission, and we remain optimistic and continue to work closely with the city staff. What happens next is that the Planning Commission’s non-binding recommendation goes before the City Council next Tuesday, May 17. This is the BIG Day.

The City Council makes decisions based on a wider range of information, including YOUR presence and input, and we have been present at the City Council since January. This is our opportunity to have our voice heard.

Regardless of last night’s vote, our request of you is the same:  PLEASE JOIN US ON TUESDAY, 5/17 at 6:45 PM AT SUNNYVALE CITY COUNCIL at City Hall, 456 W Olive Ave. Your attendance is incredibly important as the City Council has the final vote on our approval. This is the time to show up!