Teacher Appreciation Week
Mon, May 20 - Fri, May 24
Summit Denali - Both Campuses
1 day before
We will be celebrating TA Week on the week of May 20th, due to testing and study trips the prior week.
This is a chance to show our HS/MS faculty the appreciation we feel for them all year. 
Please consider donating to cover the other (1-3) events.  This is separate from grade hosted dinners (more info below).
You can PayPal denali741@gmail.com or leave an envelope at the front with your
student's name, grade, and marked TAW (Teachers Appreciation Week).
For Teacher Appreciation Week, we will have 4 major events for all our faculty:
  1. Coffee and Pastries on Monday 5/20
  2. A surprise gift of some Denali Swag or "survival" kit on Wednesday 5/22
  3. Lunch on Friday 5/25
  4. *Catered dinners for both the HS and MS campuses. These will be on various dates.
Students will also participate in signing a banner and leaving messages to their mentors  and other faculty and staff.
*We have had many generous donations for the dinners, hosted by grade level.   Many thanks to those who have already donated. We are still looking for everyone  to participate in some way. There is no minimum to donate.  It's all appreciated.
Alternatively, a sign up sheet will follow for volunteer opportunities and desserts.
I am always wonderfully surprised at the generosity and involvement of our community.
Denise Hall
Mentor Liaison Coordinator