Urgent - Seeking Parent Input/Help Identifying Practice Spaces, etc for our Summit Denali Sports Teams!
Wed, Aug 30 5:04pm

We have formed a Parent Task Force for Denali Athletics.  Our goal is to support our directors in creating the sustainable development of an after-school sports program.  Our immediate tasks are to identify competition for middle school teams and practice space for both middle and high school teams.  We need help in order to crowd-source some of our information-gathering.  Please respond by September 5th to Debbie Stauffer (edebbie@mac.com) if you have responses to this information:

1) Do you have a contact/lead at a local place of worship or community organization that has a gym or field space that we might be able to access?
2) Does your company have gym space that can be made available to our student teams after school?
3) Are you on the board of youth sports organization that might have uncommon insight for us about field or gym space?

Additionally, if you are interested in making fact-finding phone calls over the next two weeks to other schools or rental facilities, please contact us.

Thank you for your help.  We are stronger together.