This group was formed in the 2018-2019 school year and is currently not active.


This group will serve to share information on the purposes of Restorative Practices and provide space for discussion leading to greater understanding, as well as any training that might be useful in supporting Denalis efforts toward a supportive and inclusive campus.

From the Denali student handbook...

  1. We build and maintain peace in our community through restorative practices.

At Summit, the physical and emotional well-being of our students is our number one priority. We believe that schools should be diverse communities that are rooted in care and affection.

  • Summit learners build secure attachments with their teachers, mentor and peers.
  • Summit learners and teachers work proactively to build strong relationships and community structures to prevent harm.
  • Summit learners and teachers accept all individuals unconditionally even when not accepting actions and behaviors that harm the community.
  • Summit learners take accountability for their actions. When harm has been done, our restorative practices establish accountability, repair that harm, and prevent future misconduct while promoting respect and restoring relationships among all community members impacted.
  • Summit learners learn from their mistakes so that they can be thoughtfully reintegrated into the community.

link to student handbook


contact Shannon Casey with any questions or concerns or  (650) 798-7861 

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Support families connecting with strategies and tools in understanding and supporting Denali's restorative practices.

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