Mrs. Menchu's Read Aloud & Fun Activity
Wed, Jun 3 8:05pm

I don't know how many of you are listening to Mrs. Menchu's Read Alouds but my child LOVES them! First, it's wonderful to feel a connection to a Sunnymead teacher (something all of our children are longing for). Second, not only is she reading the story but she is asking questions and making the children really think about the story and the characters and the message of the book. We get so much out of this awesome 20 minutes each week!!


This past Friday a wonderful book was read but also a fantastic activity to do afterwards. I know as parents we are all at capacity and kind of "over it" when it comes to school work BUT this is not only an activity they can do on their own but it also involves their favorite app.... FLIPGRID!!! I keep clicking on the link to see if anyone has made a video yet and there is nothing so then I thought well maybe nobody knows about it so that's the reason for this message. 


Click on the link below. Have your child listen to the story and then create their own dream house and share it on FlipGrid. Can't wait to see all the creativity from our favorite Huskies! Have fun!!!