RUN for FUNds day is here!!
Tue, Nov 13 7:46pm
Sunnymead Elementary

The big day is here tomorrow (Wed, Nov 14th)! The Sunnymead 2018 RUN for FUNds to Cool our School!


A few reminders:
1. Wear Sneakers!
2. Bring an extra water bottle!
3. Wear your class color (PK- Pink; K- Red; TP- Orange; 1st- Yellow; 2nd- Green; 3rd- Blue; 4th- Purple).
4. Wear your SMILE and WINNING Attitude!



Did you forget to register? It's NOT too late! You can still register your child online and contribute to this amazing cause.  WE ARE SO CLOSE TO REACHING OUR GOAL!! The final round of incentive prizes will be distributed Monday 11/19.


Click here: