Sunnymead Holiday Shoppe
Sun, Nov 18 4:48pm
Sunnymead Elementary
The Sunnymead Holiday Shoppe begins on Monday and while we had hoped to send home the flyer and budget envelope last week, the weather was not on our side! I am attaching the flyer and a photo of the envelope as a guide for your use. If your child will participate in the Holiday Shoppe, you must send in a plain white envelope with money for your child to shop on Monday. Please be sure to mark the front of the envelope with your child's name and mark it as 'Holiday Shoppe.' Use the sample envelope photo (attached) as a guide to help your child make a shopping list of those they wish to buy for so they don't forget anyone! You can print the information on the front of the envelope.  
During school hours, children will be able to experience the joy of giving by choosing their own gifts for friends and family. Gifts are priced from as low as $.25 up to $12.00.  Pictures have been posted on the SUNNYMEAD HSA FACEBOOK PAGE and will also be posted on Konstella as a guide. A receipt and change will be returned. There will be parent volunteers to assist the children in staying within their budget. 

Holiday Shoppe Schedule:
11/19: Sarik, Wengryn, Eckles AM, Copen, Brown, Stockman, Stack, Petrozzo and Levinski

11/20: Lyon, Marquardt, Friel, Jones, Murali, Petty, Mullin, DeVincentz and Klink

11/21: Renz, Ray, Sonier, Eckels PM and Chedid