Throwback Thursday: Wear your favorite sports jersey
Thu, Apr 2
Sunnymead Elementary
1 day before

Hello Huskies!!

Consider virtual fitness--there are a million kid friendly YouTube exercise videos. For example, Planet Fitness is offering free use of its at home workouts on its app for 30 days. Don’t get bored as you may tend to eat more and move less.  Take a walk around your neighborhood that is more than 10 minutes long--think of all the new friends you can make (staying at least 6 feet apart).

Make healthy choices including delicious snacks that you can reward yourself with after exercising. Avoid eating in front of the TV or computer as you may tend to eat more since you are focused on what is happening on the screen.

Make a pizza with your family--some local pizzerias are offering home pizza kits as a fun family activity.

Send Mrs. Yurcisin a picture of your choice of a healthy snack or your favorite exercise at