We Invite You to Be a Parent Volunteer!!!
Wed, Sep 12 8:29pm
Sunnymead Elementary

We would love for you to join us, come meet other parents, and have some fun!  There are positions that require a variety of skills and time commitments, providing all parents the reward of giving back to the school.   

Volunteers regularly support teachers and staff and help with a wide variety of volunteer opportunities, from fundraisers to in-school activities to social events.  The benefits of volunteering are many, for our parents, our students, our faculty and staff, and our school. 


  • Is a great way to become involved in your child’s education
  • Provides an opportunity for parents to become more knowledgeable about the school
  • Support the faculty and staff
  • Develop relationships with other parents 
  • Strengthen the school community 

Check out our full listing of committees at: https://sunnymeadhsa.com/hsa-committees or via Konstella, selecting 'Committees' on the left navigation menu.   Sign up for a committee today via Konstella!

Not sure?   Please let us know if there are specific ways you would like to help, special skills or talents that you would be willing to share, or just anything else that you would like to help out with as a Parent Volunteer this year! 

Just send  your interest to the HSA Board (vp@sunnymeadhsa.org) and we'll be happy to reach out and discuss opportunities to help you get involved!