KidsFirst at Sunset View – News You Can Use: August 29, 2021
Sun, Aug 29 1:00pm

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Weekly Eblast

A Message from Principal Jennifer O'Connor!

This Week's Top 3 Asked Questions

Each week, as necessary, we'll include the top questions asked by the school community and provide answers.  For the answers to this week's questions, please read Principal O'Connor's update linked above.
1. 31 to 33 students in the 4th grade classrooms seems high.  Is this normal?
2. Will there be Running Club?
3. When does school lunch begin and what do I need to do if my child wants school lunch?
First Day Logistics 
We know everyone is excited for the return to school.  And we also know there are lots of jitters around finding new classrooms as well as the desire for parents to see their child's/children's assigned classroom(s).  Note that with the exception of TK/Kindergarten, all students will need to say their good-byes at the flagpole.  Staff will be present to assist students who aren't sure where to go.  A welcome sign will be displayed at the entrance to school and we encourage all families to snap their "Back to School" photos there.  TK/Kindergarten parents may walk their child to their classroom door to say good-bye.  
At the end of the day, TK/Kindergarten students may be picked up from their classroom door.  1st grade students will be walked to the flagpole by their teachers.  2nd - 4th grade students will be released from their classrooms and find their way to the flagpole and are able to leave campus on their own.
Files & Links
Many documents and links are posted to Konstella (Look under "More --> Files & Links").  We encourage parents to search there first for documents and links that have been referenced in emails from Principal O'Connor, SDUSD, or other sources.  Key files and links available include:

Konstella  Reminders:
In order to register, please  CLICK HERE.

  • To Merge: To merge with additional parents on Konstella, confirm the spelling of the child's first and last name match exactly, even capital letters, and Konstella will auto populate an option to merge. NOTE: Merging does not allow the merged members to see anything you do through Konstella, it is a way for teachers and staff to see the child's family and know that everyone will be receiving any announcements provided.
  • To add a child: Go to your settings  then go to  "your children"
  • To edit/add a classroom: Go to your settings  then go to  "your children", click on your child's name then click classroom. 
  • Notifications: To manage how you are notified about events, click on settings and notifications and specify how often you would like to hear from us. 
  • Calendar: You can also SYNC our SVE calendar. Open your app, click on calendar and then in the top right click SYNC. It is suggested that you click on "SYNC ALL" this will allow the system to add your personal sign ups to your calendar as well, ie. teacher conferences, volunteer times, etc.
Sing n' Speak Spanish 
Sing n' Speak Spanish is returning in person at Sunset View.  This program, available (at a charge) to families is offered one day/week.  Please refer to the flyer  for more information including class times, start dates, and cost.  Note: This program is offered by an outside service provider and is not affiliated with SDUSD.

Before & After School Care 
Before and after school care is available (at a charge) through SAY San Diego.  Morning coverage is available from 7am to 9am.  Afternoon coverage is available from 3:35pm to 6pm (12:45pm to 6pm Thursday).  Information on registering can be found HERE.   If you have questions regarding the program, you can send an email to

Corporate Sponsorships
School opens in ONE week!  With the start of the new school year, we're seeking Corporate Sponsors to allow local businesses to support KidsFirst funded programs while gaining exposure in our local Point Loma community throughout the 2021-2022 school year.  Please find details regarding the sponsorship levels HERE and make a donation HERE.  The donation link is a public link and can be shared with businesses outside of Konstella.  Please note that we've updated the sponsorship levels this year and are including all sponsors donating at least $350 on our Jog-A-Thon t-shirts which will be distributed to approximately 450 students and teachers.  For any questions regarding Corporate Sponsorships, please contact Jill Bruckart.

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