KidsFirst at Sunset View – News You Can Use: September 12, 2021
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KidsFirst at Sunset View

Weekly Eblast

A Message from Principal Jennifer O'Connor!

This Week's Top 3 Asked Questions

Note: SDUSD is working to publish a FAQ regarding COVID-19 testing.  Questions asked during Principal O'Connor's coffee, as well as those raised during Back-To-School sessions have been consolidated and we hope most are answered as SDUSD generates their FAQ.  In the meantime, if you have questions, please contact our school nurse, Paloma Soriano, at or email SDUSD nursing directly at
1. How long are students out of class if we opt them in for COVID-19 testing? 

Students are out of class no more than 15 minutes for testing.  Older students are tested and return right back to class.  Younger students test and then wait for all fellow classmates to be done with testing before returning to class as a group.  

2. What support is available to students who need help catching up to grade level standards? Teachers have been conducting assessments and will begin identifying students who may require additional support in math and/or reading.  As teachers gather and analyze that data they make instructional decisions to best support the needs of the students in their classrooms through strategic grouping, curricular adjustments, pacing, etc.  Some other examples of structures for support are:

  • teachers will participate in monthly professional development focused on literacy assessment and instruction aimed at ensuring our students are reading at grade level by the end of the year
  • grade level and instructional leadership team meetings focused on analyzing students data refining best classroom practices
  • push-in and pull-out support provided by other credentialed teachers on site (i.e. our extra fulltime teacher, resident visiting teacher, etc.)
  • phasing in supports such as Everyone a Reader, Rockstar Reading, etc.

These are just a few examples.  Adjustments will continue to be made throughout the year based on student need(s).

3. Are we able to provide birthday treats for our child's classroom?
Please confirm with your respective classroom teacher.  If treats are distributed, we request they be pre-packaged and not homemade baked items.  Non-food items are a great alternative so that we can ensure all students, regardless of dietary restrictions, can take part in the celebration.

Introducing "Pay To Play"!
This year we're introducing a new way to help raise funds for KidsFirst via mini fundraisers organized and supported by any willing member(s) of our school community.  No idea is too big or too small.  Events can range from an organized hike to a pickle ball tournament or from a sommelier led wine tasting event to a casual dinner party.  Events can be 'adult only' or 'family friendly'.  We encourage you to discuss ideas with friends and help define an event you'd like to organize.  Be creative!  If you have an idea, please complete the Pay To Play Idea Form and someone from the KidsFirst Fundraising Committee will be in touch with you.

Our inaugural "Pay To Play" event is being sponsored by Marco & Tracy Tomassi and is right around the corner! There are 40 tickets available for Petco Park's Toyota Terrace for the Padres vs Braves game on Sunday, September 26th. Tickets are $90/person and include ballpark entry, access to the Toyota Terrace, 2-hours of all-you-can-eat food, and unlimited drinks from an hour prior to the start of the game until the 7th Inning Stretch. $17 of every ticket will be donated to KidsFirst with the potential of raising close to $700 for KidsFirst programming. For more details and to purchase tickets --> HERE


KidsFirst Board Meetings
Our first board meeting of the school year is scheduled for tomorrow, Monday, September 13 at 7:30pm.  All members of the school community are welcome to join.  Meetings remain virtual for the time being.  Please join via Zoom using this link: KidsFirst Board Meetings Zoom
Picture Day
Picture day is this Friday, September 17th!  Please note photos will be done outside and will not interfere with weekly COVID-19 testing conducted on Fridays.  Please do not send any money to school.  More details regarding how to purchase photos will be provided by the photographer. 

Physical Education at Sunset View from Coach Brucker
It’s been so great to have all the students back at school and get a chance to play and learn together during P.E. these last two weeks.

My name is Corey Brucker and have been teaching P.E at the Elementary level for 30 years. This will be the first year of a 4-5 year plan were I will be sharing a job with Coach Lanese. I will have all the classes one week and then Coach Lanese will have all the classes the following week. This will allow us both to see every student and have a fully charged battery when we arrive at school. I'm looking forward to spending more time in the water, playing tennis, hiking, traveling etc.
I love being with the kids, staff and community of SSV and look forward to sharing my lessons with Coach Lanese who is very excited about the opportunity. We both are looking forward to keeping physical education fun and skill based at SSV while teaching life lessons on having a healthy active lifestyle.
Sincerely, Corey Brucker

Logo Wear
The next on site logo wear sale will be held after school on Thursday, September 30th.  Payment with credit card, cash, or check currently accepted.  Look for the logo wear team set up at the flagpole starting at 12:45pm.
Safe Loading/Unloading
Parking has always been limited around Sunset View Elementary and, as a result, we highly encourage people to walk to/from school when possible and to allow adequate time to find safe parking if driving to school is necessary.  Please remember:
  • Active loading/unloading directly in front of school is allowed.  Parking and leaving your vehicle in the loading areas is not allowed and prevents the loading area from being used as intended.
  • Crosswalks at Amiford Drive & Alexandria Drive should be used to safely cross Hill Street.  Please do not drag your child/children across Hill Street directly in front of the school.  
  • Be courteous of neighbors and do not block driveways on any street adjacent to campus.
  • Please do not turn around on Hill Street at the stop sign at Amiford Drive.  If you wish to access campus from the west, please use Piedmont to Cornish to turn left on Hill Street.  Making U-turns anywhere along Hill Street is not safe and should be avoided.
  • We no longer have a bus providing transportation for students attending SVE.  Brief parking during drop off and pick up is allowed in the bus loading area as long as it does not impact the active loading/unloading areas that need to keep moving downhill from the old bus loading zone.
  • The access area behind the cafeteria should be kept clear at all times.  Active loading/unloading of students before and after school is okay in this area but no cars should be left unattended in this area.  Golf carts should not be parked in this area at any time.

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