11:55AM dismissal - half day for Professional Develoment
Fri, Mar 16
The Earth School
1 day before

Friday, March 16 is a half day for Professional Development. The staff will continue its work with the group Border Crossers. “Border Crossers’ mission is to train and empower educators to dismantle patterns of racism and injustice in our schools and communities. At Border Crossers, we envision a world where all young people learn and thrive in racially equitable, liberating, and empowering educational spaces.”

 All Earth School staff have done basic Border Crossers training and have expressed interest in continuing to expand their competencies in this important area. On Friday, we will be practicing our responses to hypothetical situations based on those that have come up in our own classrooms, such as when a young child says, “I don’t want to hold her hand because she is dirty,” or an older student expresses, “You always take the White kids’ side!” For adults, these remarks can trigger feelings of offense, anxiety, guilt, or defensiveness. It is important to unravel our own feelings in order to compose careful and educative responses to students. Border Crossers also offers these workshops for parents. Please let Abbe know if you are interested.