5th Street Farm is looking for garden gnomes!
Sun, Feb 10 9:34pm
The Earth School

Hi everyone,


In the coming weeks we will start work in our beautiful roof top garden. There are many way to volunteer, here are some.


5th Street Farm Board; It entails getting together three times per year, brainstorming on how to get the schools more involved, we will prioritize raising $1,000 per year. first meet is tomorrow

Monday February 11, 2019 
Donnybrook 35 Clinton St. Corner of Stanton
Volunteer: With me a few mornings or afternoons,  just email me and give me your availability. lespinoza@5thstreetfarm.org
And with our awesome Cooking teacher Tim; When the weather is nice he always goes upstairs. So you can either ask your child's teacher when they have cooking class and try to make it or just ask him directly.
We will start prepping the soil and sow some tasty veggies!
looking forward to a wonderful farming season.