Annual Appeal and Fundraising Round-up
Mon, Dec 4 4:50pm
The Earth School
Greetings, Earthlings!
Can you believe it's December already?! While our kids have settled into the routines of their classrooms, families have been hard at work fundraising to keep those routines rich with art, music, dance, cooking, field trips, movement and awesome camping trips in the woods. The Earth School's mission is alive and well! 

THANK YOU to everyone who has organized, volunteered, baked, gardened, cooked, bought supplies, promoted events, secured donations, or sold tickets, food, popcorn, t-shirts and baked goods. And THANK YOU to those who attended the events and bought the goods. We're in this together and collectively we're making sure every Earthling gets an amazing education by supporting our cherished enrichment programs and providing essential classroom supplies.
I'm thrilled to provide a recap of our fundraising efforts thus far:
Family Contributions: $18,000
Fall Fair: $10,855
Monster Bake Sale: $962
Frost Valley Bake Sale: $715
Movie Night: $1,231
Calendar: $1,200 in advertising so far
​We have raised over $32,000 so far through our Family Contributions drive and through fun, community-oriented fundraising events like the Fall Fair, Monster Bake Sale, and Movie Night. That is approximately one third of the way towards our goal of $110,000.
Our next big fundraiser, The Annual Appeal, is a bit different from the rest. All it asks is that you or your friends and family make a tax-deductible donation to make up for the lack of funding the State owes us. You may have heard that we only receive 87% of our "fair student funding", leaving the ESPA to raise over $100,000 each year to keep our enrichments funded. 
Attached to this email is a letter that we hope you will forward to your friends and family (it is accessible on Konstella). We will backpack this letter, as well. There is also a link to a recent article that was written in the New York Post about our wonderful school and the great work we do here. Please make a tax deductible donation to the Earth School. Any amount is appreciated and will directly fund enrichments that benefit all of our children.
With gratitude,
Vanessa Lemonides
Director of Communications of the ESPA