Become an ESPA Executive Officer!
Tue, May 15 10:26pm
The Earth School

(or a member of the School Leadership Team)
We promise you'll be challenged, learn something new, make friends, and know you're making a difference in our children's lives.
Do it for the kids!!
  • All positions are up for grabs! There is little to no competition and room for all who want to be involved. Now's your chance to seize the day and make a difference in our community.
  • Diversifying the PA is a goal we hope to achieve to reflect and best represent our student body. Please don't be shy or intimidated. Everyone is truly welcome and no experience is necessary. We will guide you and work together.
  • Elections will be held online from June 5 to June 12 and in person at the school on June 5, 6, 8 and 12.
  • Nominations will be open until June 4.
To nominate yourself please send an email to:, talk with Jocelyn, the Parent Coordinator, or to Marco Battistella (,who is coordinating the election.
If you would like to participate but are unsure which role best fits you, please talk with us. We're here to help you! 
As you will notice most positions are co-positions, which allows for a distribution of duties among two or three people. So grab a friend or two (or three!) and do something great together!
2 Co-Presidents:  Coordinate the PA, have weekly meetings with the principal, coordinate the monthly executive and general Parent Association meetings. Have a hands on role with most things happening in the PA. Participate on the SLT and in district-wide President Council Meetings (where all PA presidents of the district meet to exchange info and experiences).
2 Vice Presidents:  Help the co-presidents when needed, might focus on specific projects 
2 Co-Secretaries:  Ensure that notes and records of all PA activities/meetings are kept and communicated
3 Treasurers:  manage the PA finances
3 Co-Large Events Coordinators:  Coordinate large events (ad-hoc teams are created for each event and they coordinate these teams)
3 Co-Small Events Coordinators:  Coordinate small events (ad-hoc teams are created for each event and they coordinate these teams)
2 Volunteer Liaisons: Support the large and small events coordinators by helping find volunteers to make our fun events happen. Works with Parent Coordinator and class parents.
2 Co-Communications Coordinators: Ensure communication from the PA is going out to parents, works with the parent coordinator, the PA execs and the principal to ensure communication is consistent and reaches everyone
1 Community Liaison:  Acts as a liaison between the parent community and the social and political landscape, follows political and/or social issues that affect our school or education in general, informs the school community of these issues, coordinates a permanent Parent Action Committee  
SLT - School Leadership Team - 3 seats available
The SLT is effectively the steering committee of a school. It is formed by 5-6 parents and 5-6 staff/teachers plus the principal and the PA president. Meets for 2 hours every month and might create ad-hoc committees for specific issues, this is a 2-year commitment.
Because SLT positions are for 2 years only, 3 seats are up for a vote this year.