Cooking with C.O.W. Period Tuesday 11/21/17
Wed, Nov 15 4:36pm
The Earth School

Hello Earth School!


We have the opportunity to do another Sweet-Potato-Palooza Cooking with COW Period on Tuesday 11/21/17. 1:50pm - 2:30pm


We have:

-3 ovens and cooking tools that can be dispatched to classrooms as needed.

-Lots and lots of seasoned, prepared sweet potatoes in the freezer in the Cooking Classroom.


We need:

-Classes that have not yet had a chance to cook with the sweet potatoes that want to host a COW Period in their classroom. on Tuesday 11/21/17  (I think this includes most of the 4/5 grades and some of the 1/2's)

-Parents who can come in to help out!  (if you attended the Cooking & Gardening workshop at Fall Town Meeting, you heard how fun and rewarding cooking with Earth School students can be).


Teachers: please contact me if your class would like to host!

Parents: please contact me if you'd like to come in and help.




Frances Anderson