Fri, Oct 12 5:26pm
The Earth School
Hi everyone!!

Tomorrow is the Fall Fair!!! It’s located in Tompkins Square park (on 10th & A). It’s one of the most  festive, well attended, community building events that is fun & as well as educational.... the kids ALWAYS have a blast!!! 

There are so many activities, games, food from all around the world & crafts to keep the little ones busy WHILE SUPPORTING our school💜. If you have not yet participated and just want to cook something that represents your culture.. that is what makes our school thrive and what makes us such a diverse community filled with LOVE and support!!!

If you are new to the school (especially) PLEASE come! If you are looking for something to do while you are there feel free to look for a familiar face and offer your help (we can always use floaters if you do not want to commit to a specific time/ activity!) OR  if you just want to eat, drink & be merry that is essentially the key to making this fall fair a successful event and keeping our children's minds fed as well as their bellies😍🍯👻✨🎃

This is an event you won’t want ot miss!!
xxxxx The Fall Fair team