Final Day of Read-a-thon 2018 ... or is it?
Wed, Feb 28 9:04pm
The Earth School

Greetings, Earthlings!


Today marked the end of the 2018 Read-a-thon! You’re probably thinking one of these things:


A. Great! My kid has her/his passport all filled out and it’s ready to be stamped! And we raised $100!

B. What?! It’s over already? I totally spaced and didn’t find sponsors yet :(. Where’s that darn passport?

C. What’s a Read-a-thon? 


Regardless of which scenario fits you best, I’ve got good news for you: we are extending the Read-a-thon for one more week! We hope to launch the Earth School Book Exchange (ESBX) at the end of this week to inspire even more reading over the final days. Clean off your bookshelves of unwanted books and trade them for other books for free! Tables will be set up in the lobby.

We are also busy finalizing this year’s prizes and there are some really fun ones! Walkie-talkies, play tents, Legos, fun crafts, gift cards for ice cream, waffles and books, of course! 


Remember: your child only needs to present a filled out passport next week at Passport Control (next Thursday, Friday and the following Monday at drop-off and pick-up) to enter the prize raffle. It’s awesome if you’ve also raised money for the school, but you just need to read and log your books to get a chance to win a prize.


I’ve attached the PDF of the passport and instructions just in case you need to print out more copies. There are also additional passports in the PA office.


Thank you for participating and supporting our school!


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The R-A-T Committee