Finally, a Gift You Can Really Use!
Tue, Dec 5 12:31am
The Earth School
Tis the season of giving, and the Earth School Lice Team has a very special gift for each and everyone…..
The Terminator is the best lice comb on the market, and those of us who have had lice know, a thorough comb out is the only way to rid a head of lice.  Lice spread from direct head to head contact, so the less of our children that have lice, the better for all of us.  That’s why the Lice Team and the PA want everyone to have a lice comb.  So that if and when your family does get lice, you can get rid of them and send them packing.
The Terminator retails for around $10.  While it is the PA’s gift to you and your family, we all know our PA is responsible for funding so many fabulous programs for our children, so please consider giving what you can in exchange for your lice comb.
Some of you may have been given your lice comb already at Movie Nite.  Some of you may receive one at a table in the lobby at pick up time starting Wednesday 12/6 this week.  We will work our magic and find creative ways to infest each home with lice combs.
May your spirits be bright and your heads lice free!
The Earth School Lice Team