First CookShop for Families Workshop Friday January 19th 8:30am - 9:30am during Coffee Friday in 5th Street Lobby
Tue, Jan 16 9:47pm
The Earth School

Hi Everyone!

The first Cookshop for Families Workshop will take place on Friday January 19th at 8:30am, during Coffee Friday in the 5th Street Lobby entrance.

Cookshop in the Classroom started last week with students in many prek-3rd grade classrooms.  On Friday 1/19 you’ll get to sample what some of the kids are making in their classrooms.   And maybe try making it at home with your kids!


YOUR PARTICIPATION MATTERS!  CookShop is funded by the Food Bank of NYC - and like a lot of funding agencies, they put a lot of strings on the money and make us jump through some hoops to keep it flowing.  The CookShop for Families workshops must happen and must be attended by parents in order for CookShop in the Classroom to happen . . .  (yup, that's the strings and hoops, folks)  So . . .  if you can, please show up, sign in, have a taste of a nutritious snack you can make with your kid, learn how to make it, and fill out a teeny-weeny (5 fill-in the bubble questions) questionnaire.  The first 20 attendees will get a special prize if they hand in their questionnaire at the workshop!!

Thanks for your support in helping to make Cookshop possible for students at Earth School! 


Hope to see you Friday!


Frances Anderson