Meeting Tuesday, March 10 at 315pm - Jessica and Jia's 4/5th grade classroom
Tue, Mar 10 3:15pm-4:00pm
The Earth School
1 day before

Calling all activists among us! 

In order to effectively confront our school's recent TSI designation, we are having a Parent-Teacher Advocacy Committee meeting this Tuesday March 10th at 3:15pm in Jia & Jessica's room. We would like to update everyone on the call we had with Assembly Member Harvey Epstein together with parents from The Neighborhood School, and the actions that are being planned.  
Harvey has offered to write a letter of support for our schools, and we are in the process of creating both a petition and a CEC resolution. We are also planning a press event for March 19th at 4pm at PS 20 on Essex Street. A larger forum is also in the works to be held on April 23rd from 6-8pm (location TBD, possibly in our auditorium). 
Please join us as we focus our efforts towards pushing back on the State of New York's TSI designation, and the parental right to opt out of high stakes testing, in order to preserve the strong curriculum that our teachers work so hard to deliver to our children. 
With gratitude, 
Carol & Tiffany
ESPA Co-Presidents