News for Feb 10, 2020
Mon, Feb 10 9:50am

Dear fellow Earth School Families, 

1. The Earth School Read-A-Thon starts tomorrow! Visit this page on our website for more information.


2.  Family Conferences begin this week.  If you haven’t already, please make an appointment by signing up at the classroom or emailing your teachers. All teachers and service providers are eager to meet with you to discuss your child’s progress. Don’t forget to meet with Tim (Cooking), Emmy (Science), and Vince (Movement/PE). Tim, Emmy, and Vince are available for drop-in conferences with families on Monday from 3-5 pm, Wednesday from 3-7:30 PM, and Thursday from 12-3:00.  . with Tim (Cooking), Emmy (Science), and Vince (Movement/PE). You can also meet with any of your child’s service providers (Speech, English as a New Language, OT, PT). We hope to see all families!


3. During conferences, Grade 3 – 5 families are asked to touch base with their children’s teachers if they want to discuss opting out of the State Tests. As you may be aware, many Earth School parents have been among the leaders in the Opt Out Movement in recent years. State assessments are coming up in March (English Language Arts)  and April (Math), and many parents find it helpful to give themselves time to talk with teachers and other parents to gather information before making a decision as to whether their child(ren) will participate in State testing. 


4. THIS THURSDAY Is a 1/2 day. Dismissal at 11:50


5. 2/17-2/21- School is closed for mid-winter break!


6.  Spring auction is May 2, save the DATE!!! We need all hands on deck for gathering donations and setting up for a super fun party and fundraiser for our children.  Let us know by responding here or sending a note to if you can help out. 

Thank you!!