Picture day on Tuesday October 29, 2019. Stomping Ground NEWS!
Wed, Oct 16 3:53pm
We are excited to announce new tools to make Picture Day communications better for you and your community. The Picture Day Page is a unique URL just for your school that lists all important dates and links. Check it out below and share with your staff and parents.

The Communication Toolbox is for internal school use. Click the link below to see the content we created for newsletters, email, social media, and more. We even wrote some snappy copy so you don't have to! We hope you find these tools helpful.



Share your school's Picture Day Page with families for quick and easy answers!
  • Countdown to Picture Day
  • Order deadlines
  • Estimated delivery dates
  • LIVE chat for immediate answers
  • Direct links to our Help Desk


The toolbox has fun, great looking art and pre-written messages to remind families of upcoming deadlines in newsletters, emails, social media and more! We will provide you with the following file types:
  • JPG
  • MP4
  • GIF
  • Subject lines, captions, and body text
ON TRACK Once a week you will get an email to keep you on track to coordinate a successful, organized picture day. If you are no longer the picture day contact for your school's picture day, please email us at help@stompinggroundphoto.com and let us know.