Read-a-thon Prize Raffle Winners and THANK YOUs!
Tue, Mar 13 6:06pm
The Earth School

I am happy to announce the lucky winners of the 2018 Read-a-thon Prize Raffle!!


Prizes will be available for distribution starting tomorrow (Wednesday) after school in the PA/Jocelyn's room. Congratulations and thank you for participating!


A few things

Some prizes had no takers (I know!), so we decided to take all the "losing" tickets and conduct a second drawing for those prizes! Those winners are indicated in green italics,  so when your kid protests they didn't want that prize, tell them how lucky they are ;-). I've made a "note to self" not to include those gift cards next year, though I assure you, they are lovely, local establishments with tasty treats to be had. Enjoy!


Oh, and if you're looking for a new best friend, Billie Littman won multiple cards for yummy treats. That is the clear benefit to filling out multiple passports. Go Billie! (Pace yourself.)


Special thanks to (and I hope I'm not forgetting anyone!):


  • Stevie Remsberg for donating her design powers for the passports and printing all of them. And for designing and donating the printing of the bookmarks (coming soon!)
  • Julian Rebolledo for folding all the passports with me and helping make the prize cups
  • Sasha Kulin for the awesome monster on the cover 
  • Troy and Sonia Benson, Christie Alexander, Renee Lesson, Shannon Reddish, Luisa Gui and Elisabetta Franchi for helping get gift cards or prize donations
  • Renee Lesson for coordinating the Book Fair with McNally-Jackson
  • Paulino Aboitiz for helping distribute materials, getting the kids excited at Town Meeting and running the ESBX
  • Luisa Gui, Carol Fiorito, Christie Alexander, Sasha Kulin and Paulino Aboitiz for taking shifts at Reading Immigration and tirelessly stamping passports
  • And to all to the parents, family members and teachers who encouraged the kids, helped them fill in passports or helped raise money for our awesome school!

This is my last year leading the Read-a-thon, so if there's anyone out there who'd like to give it a go, I'd love to hear from you. I can share the whole process while it's still fresh and you can feel free to make it your own :-). Email me if you'd like to run it next year: You'll be GREAT!


Drum roll please (these will also be posted in the lobby)!!



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