SLT Meeting
The Earth School - Room 114
1 day before

All parents are welcome to attend
the SLT (School Leadership Team) meetings.


The SLT is a decision-making team made up of staff and parents that focuses on the issues and policies affecting our community. It's a great way to learn about how the school works from the inside.


SLT 1.11.18


ROOM 114

3.30p - 5.30p

  • Review community goals agreed to in 2017 ( 15 minutes)

  • SLT Committees meet to discuss goals for the year (30 minutes)

  • Additional analysis of 2016-2017 survey data ( 15 minutes)

  • What are our goals for diversity and inclusion at the Earth School? What are our goals for parental involvement? (15 minutes)

  • Principal’s Report (15 minutes)

  • PA Report (15 minutes)

  • Reflection (10 minutes)

  • Items for February agenda (5 minutes)