Science Curriculum Newsletter 2019
Fri, Sep 20 9:55pm

Science Curriculum Newsletter

September 2019


Dearest families,

Welcome back to school! It is always an amazing feeling seeing the students as they progress through the grades, watching them grow and change. This year the schedule changes so that we have lunch at 12 noon which makes the morning longer. In addition, the science room is expecting upgrades to the technology of the room such as laptop computers and Smart Boards. This is such exciting news...


PreK/K: We meet once a week. We began with the question: How do we observe our world? We are exploring how our 5 senses help us scientists investigate the world around us. Next we move into a leaf and tree study. 


1st/2nd graders: We meet twice a week and began with the question, What is a scientist? Next we began exploring Changing Landforms and working with a Stream Table; this will be pretty interesting!


3rd Graders: We start our year with Food Chains, Webs, and Ecosystems. There will be so much more exploration to follow…


4th/5th Graders: We began our school year with a Pipe Cleaner Challenge. In our challenge, using only 15 pieces of pipe cleaner we needed to design “the tallest free-standing structure” we could. Students really rose to the challenge! Next we will explore Ecosystem Restoration.


We all began to discuss global climate change in an effort to prepare for the Climate March on September 20th. Hope to see you all there at our very own Climate March this Friday...

Science Rocks!!!


P.S. I am ALWAYS looking for donations of old Legos, Duplos, and Tinkertoys...please and thank you!