Thank you for coming to CookShop for Families Wkshop #4 - INFO and RECIPES attached!
Wed, Mar 14 9:58pm
The Earth School

Hello Earth School Parents and Teachers -


Thanks to those who came to Tuesday March 13th CookShop for Families Workshop/Demo during the ESPA.  The topic was "Choose Whole Grains for Health."


The folks at CookShop provided us with an easy kid-friendly recipe of whole grain bread with fresh fruit spread.   (See recipe attached).  Try it with your kids! 


But Whole Grains are so much more than just whole wheat bread!  Did you know that the there are over 10 kinds of grains grown regionally in NY State that you can buy at the local Union Square Farmer's Market?  (see flyer attached and check out the Grow NYC website on local grains)


So we also tried a crazy-good Spring Green Grain Salad, made with NY state-grown Spelt! (see recipe attached) - Note: I substituted 1 cup sprouted lentils for the asparagus.  Sprouted lentils are easy to make at home or in the classroom. (see instructions attached).


So what about cost??  As much as I love shopping at the Farmer's Market, I know it can be a very expensive place, so here's two budget-friendly ways to get more locally grown produce and grains for your family.

1.  If your family receives SNAP benefits - you can use your EBT card to buy any food items at the farmer's market.  AND you'll receive free bonus Health Bucks that you can use to buy even more fruits and vegetables. (see attached information)

2. Buy your locally grown food at a Fresh Food Box Location.  You'll get a fabulous box of seasonally available, locally grown vegetables, fruits, grains and eggs at well below traditional retail prices. Through the power of collaborative purchasing, Fresh Food Box customers purchase for $14-15 what would cost $20-$30 in a store or at the farmers market.  All Fresh Food Box sites accept cash, credit/debit, SNAP/EBT and Health Bucks.  For more information and to find Fresh Food Box locations visit


I hope you enjoy experimenting with your family more ways to eat whole grains! 


Next CookShop for Families workshop will be Friday April 20th - with a focus on Dairy!


See you soon!


Frances Anderson