The Circus is coming to The Earth School - Friday, Feb 2nd. Doors open at 5PM / Showtime is 5:45PM
Fri, Feb 2 5:00pm-7:30pm
The Earth School
1 day before, 3 days before, 6 days before

Adam Cardone (see is hosting his own, very own, circus on Friday, FEB 2nd right here in our very own Earth School Auditorium!!!

(5th street & avenue B)

For those of you that have never witnessed the death defying escape from a giant milk can FILLED with water ~STRAPPED in a straitjacket!! OR when he conjured the ghost of ELVIS (c’mon we all saw it!) you are in for a treat!

For this show / Circus he is bringing a juggler, a contortionist & an aerial act alongside him. Moonlight (Earth School AluMna) will be his trusted assistant with a few of her own tricks up her sleeve and this show if very suitable for the smaller kids at school as well as the older grades that know & love him!

Doors will open at 5PM Showtime is at 5:45PM

(a smorgasbord of delectable treats =, food, POPCORN and fine tasting beverages! will be available for sale)

Please feel free to bring your favorite go-to food or treat to be sold to support our school, keep the ART, MUSIC, SCIENCE & PE Flowing and most importantly COME share this event with your classmates & friends  

Tickets are $5.00 for kids (3 and under free)

And $10.00 for adults!


we need a committed clean-up crew for after the event (once the organizers are beat)

A roaming recycling committee (preferably some kids from the older grades to encourage people to use the right bins and recycle & reuse !!)

and an adult or 2 to mind the stage’s front, keeping kids off the stage, and away from the front area, or from running around ~ pointing out parents should stay with their kids!

And please spread the word, spread the love & feel free to create a dish to share to bring to Jocelyn’s office on the day of the event (remember this is a peanut free school) and let your friends know you are going, and finally parents PLEASE stay with your children! This event gets crowded & it’s fun & surprising, so stay & play!

Love, Paolo & Shannon (Paolo) (Shannon)

feel free to reach out to one of us to get involved!