holiday bake sale tomorrow at pick up in the Earth School Lobby!
Mon, Dec 17 8:18pm
The Earth School

Hi Everyone !

TOMORROW (Tuesday) Dec 18th is our first 🌟Holiday Bake Sale!!!🎁 (in the Earth School Lobby at pick up)

Please bake or bring something fun, festive & yummy for us to sell in the lobby to help support the PA for the costs for our 4th/5th graders frost valley camping experiences!!

Kindly drop off your donation at Jocelyn’s office at drop off for us to sell at pick up!

Please remember no peanuts ~we are a peanut free school & kindly label ingredients to keep our children safe❤️

If your child goes to after school we can coordinate with afterschools to send the kids to the lobby to buy sweets🤩 (please send kids to school with money this Tuesday)

This is a fun way to celebrate the upcoming holiday season , help support our school & all of the people in it & bring our community together!

Sign up sheets are speckled through the halls. Please sign up to bring something special and spread the love!

If anyone can help sell treats tomorrow at pick up reach out to Paolo or Shannon