photos needed of Fifth Street Farm (roof top farm) Activity
Mon, Nov 13 1:11pm
The Earth School

Hello Earthlings!


There is a big need for photos from our recent activities on the roof-top farm (Fifth Street Farm).


Did you take any photos of the Sweet Potato Harvest and/or cooking or other gardening activities on the roof?  Please send to the following people:


Emmy Matias:

(Emmy is putting together a short slide show of Earth School green roof and sustainability programs for a planning meeting for a really cool event called "Ecological City"


Troy Benson:

Troy is collecting photos for inclusion in the 2018 Earth School Yearbook


Frances Anderson:

Frances is collecting photos for 5th Street Farm website and possible future inclusion in the planned for 5th Street Farm Children's Book!


Permission from parents will be confirmed before usage of any photo that features children.


Thank you!!


Emmy, Troy and Frances