the Fall Fair help October 13th
Wed, Sep 26 10:04pm
The Earth School

Good Evening All !! The Fall Fair elves have begun carefully crafting & organizing their tables with GREAT CARE to prepare for THE best Fall Fair yet on OCTOBER 13th, 2018!!!! We are going turbo this year with no “leader” and all pitching in to make it a legendary year!! Even though every year seems to be legendary...

If you haven’t participated in a school event, just started at The Earth School and maybe do not know a lot of people yet or just love fall and want to help raise money to better your child’s education now is the time!! It all starts right here and the Fall Fair at The Earth School would be nothing with out all of the amazing people that make it!

WE NEED DONATIONS!! WE need your help❤️💜💥

1) Gallons of CLEAR GLUE WANTED (THINK SLIME) I promise to entertain your children for hours on end creating slippery gorgeous *GloW in ThE DArk*, Unicorn , Fluffy slime

2) 16OZ (WITH LIDS) Plastic containers sour cream, cottage cheese, yogurt - so kids can take their slimey creations home with them.

3) CLOTHES ~ Parting is such sweet sorrow: if you have a very favorite dress that just doesn’t fit (since you had that 2nd child) or baby clothes that you thought you might just want to save forever because they are in NEAR PERFECT condition, or a fabulous sweater that you bought BUT ALMOST NEVER WEAR!! Donate it!

4) BOOKS, books 📚 BOOKS ~~~ We NEED BOOKS that are in perfect condition! Picture books, Graphic Novels, Coffee table books.... Bring them!

Please bring 5 of your very best kept treasures that you are ready to part with for an amazing cause.

NO stuffed animals or breakables please

*Drop off at the end of the hall by kindergarten classrooms (Ashley, Rachel’s rooms)

5) The very best small toys you can muster up (think Pocket Lady, Prize BOOTH) - Last but certainly not least!!!

Because we all know BIG things come in SMALL PACKAGES!! And these are the small toys that will have your children smiling and in result your heart singing all day long 😍 SOME Examples: Shopkins, left over party favors, hatchimals, etc

Please see the below mini clip of segments from last years’ Fall Fair!! You won’t leave disappointed and all of it goes to SUPPORT OUR CHILDREN 👻🧟‍♀️