Silver Graphics
We are doing a quick wonderful fundraiser called “SILVER GRAPHICS” - our kids art is printed onto merchandise we can buy. 35% goes to the PA.
Friday Oct 21st - The children are doing an art piece in school by this Friday 
Monday Oct 24th – The artwork will be sent home with a packet for each family to chose and buy any product with their child’s art printed on it.
Monday Oct 31st – All Packets are due back in school with payment to be shipped to Silver Graphics.
Monday Nov 28th – Masterpieces will be delivered to the school for distribution in time for the Holidays for gifts for all the family!
To see examples of the merchandise:
• You can submit more than one artwork, there is no limit. You can customize each piece you buy. You need a separate order form for each artwork.
• You can use any previous artwork, you do not need to choose the artwork done this week in school.
• It’s great to put the year on the artwork as a keepsake. Make sure any writing is 1/2 inch from the edge.
• Make sure to write your child’s name, grade, teacher and school in pencil on the back and indicate which side is up on with an arrow.
I will take care of the backpacking packages and distribution of the Beauties.

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