FREE DRESS DAY - last day of school
Wed, May 23
The Higley Traditional Academy
1 day before



Thank you to all our HTA families -- we collected over 3,000 box tops by May 15th and the kiddos earned a free dress day for their last day of school!!!


Please be sure to reference the below information taken from the HUSD student handbook regarding dress code:


STUDENT DRESS The District encourages students to take pride in their attire as it relates to the school setting. Students should dress in a manner that, in addition to the following guidelines, takes into consideration the educational environment, safety, health, and welfare of self and others. To that end, students are expected to adhere to the following dress standards:

  • Clothing that immodestly exposes the chest, abdomen, midriff, genital area, or buttocks is not permitted.
  • Clothing items may not create an atmosphere of threat, intimidation, or undue pressure.
  • Footwear must be worn at all times. Safety requirements for specific classes such as industrial technology, life management, physical education, and chemistry must be followed.
  • Jewelry shall not be worn if it presents a safety hazard to self and/or others.
  • Clothing may not display or suggest obscene language or symbols.
  • Clothing may not display or advertise alcohol, drugs, tobacco, or any illegal or controlled substance or item.
  • The only acceptable headwear allowed that may be worn at school are hats and visors in their original unaltered condition. Bandanas, hairnets, knit stocking caps and so forth, are not to be worn at school. Students shall remove their headwear when in a building or when requested to do so by a member of the administration, faculty, or staff.
  • Gang clothing/paraphernalia is prohibited on school property, in school vehicles, and at school activities. Gang paraphernalia is defined as any apparel, altered apparel, jewelry, accessory, notebook, or any manner of grooming which, by nature of its color, arrangement, trademark, or any other attribute denotes membership in a gang.