Yankee Candle Fundraiser
Wed, Aug 15 9:00am - Wed, Aug 29 3:00pm
The Higley Traditional Academy

Hello HTA Families!!

On Wednesday, August 15th, students will bring home the information for our Yankee Candle sale.  Since 2017, we have utilized the Yankee Candle as a fundraiser for improvements to our school campus.  This year we are working toward a $37,500 total sales goal for Yankee candles.  If we can achieve that goal --- we will net $15k for our school!! This money will allow us to begin the process of adding shade to our amphitheater space in the center of campus.  This will give our students a chance for more outdoor learning opportunities throughout the year!!  This is only a $2,500 increase over our highest sales year -- and I know we can make it happen this year!! 


Just as we have done in previous years, orders can be placed directly through the Yankee Candle fundraising website (info included in the packets sent home Weds) or can be turned in with checks/cash and the paper order forms.  Items not shipped directly from the website will be available for pick up during Parent/Teacher conferences at the end of September.  


Kiddos will be able to earn prizes based on dollars and units sold.  Additionally, beginning Aug 20th, they will be able to submit coupons (provided in packet) for collectable key rings.  This year we have a series of adorable monkeys!!


Please stay tuned to Konstella for updates on how the sale is progressing.  If you have any questions you can email us at pto.hta@gmail.com


We thank you in advance for your participation and support!! Here's to another amazing year!

The HTA PTO Team