Literacy Night

One of the favorite HTA traditions is back -- with an enchanted forest theme! We need some happy helpers to create our mini-garden area in the green space by the Kinder rooms.  This involves hanging lights the day before in the trees.  Additionally, with our own kiddos performing in the winter concerts, we could use some extra hands at the cookie and cocoa station handing out free treats to the kiddos!

Hawk cash amounts are listed with each job!! As always, we appreciate your help and support!!

The PTO Team

Positions (2/5 filled)

Committee Chair Signed Up: 1 / 1

Set up WEDNESDAY 12/5 9:30am-11:30am Signed Up: 3 / 3

Help string lights in the area of the teacher reading spots $5 hawk cash

Cookie & Cocoa Station 5:30-6:615 Signed Up: 1 / 3

Help hand out free cookies and cocoa to kiddos $5 hawk cash
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Cookie & Cocoa Station 6:15-7pm Signed Up: 2 / 3

Help hand out free cookies and cocoa to kiddos $5 Hawk Cash
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NEXT DAY CLEAN UP 9:30am-11:30am Signed Up: 2 / 3

Take down all the lights strung for reading area $5 Hawk Cash
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