$ tally and Final Collection of UNICEF Boxes at November FO Meeting
Tue, Nov 28 8:00am-9:00am
55 Willoughby - Art Room, 2 fl
1 day before, 6 days before

Helloooo ICS!!
The International/Diversity Committee is excited to share that our preliminary total of money raised for UNICEF is $566.64!  Thanks to everyone for your fundraising efforts and generosity.  The bulk of this year's collection will go to help children affected by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

  We'll take final collections at the Family Organization meeting on 28 November.  Please turn in any outstanding boxes/funds to Musiki Glover.  If you have a box but will not attend the FO meeting, email ICSDiversity@gmail.com and we'll arrange to get it from you.

We are grateful to Brooklyn for Peace for their support in providing boxes and information and tallying the collections.