2019/2020 Afterschool Enrichment Programs- FEEDBACK REQUESTED!
Thu, May 23 5:13pm
The International Charter School of NYC


Dear Parents,


Thank you to everyone who has responded to various questions / surveys regarding after-school. Also a HUGE thanks to our teachers and participating families, for making after-school a success this year.


I wanted to share some information on what’s in store for after-school next year and get some input from you about Thursday programming. Please see the 2 PDFs attached.


If you aren’t able to read it all, then the most important thing you need to know is:

  • We will most definitely continue to offer after-school enrichment classes next year, with some exciting new classes coming onto the schedule.
  • We are working on a plan for more Thursday programming.
    If you are interested please read the attachments, and respond to this questionnaire


More information on semester start dates, registration dates etc. and a full schedule of course will follow as soon as we have them confirmed, and before the end of the schoolyear.

For now, if you have any burning questions or concerns, please email me at delphine.johnsen@gmail.com


Warm regards,


Delphine van As, on behalf of the FO