2nd Annual ICS Talent Show - This year's theme - "Celebrate Your Heritage"
Sat, Jun 1
Tentative - The Performance Space at Berkeley Carroll



This year's Talent Show is scheduled for June 1, 2019.  This year's theme is "Celebrate Your Heritage"!  What does this mean?  It is really open to interpretation, it means any way that your child wants to demonstrate his or her family traditions, culture, ethnicity and/or national origin.  Maybe your child sings a song that grandma taught him/her?  We would love to see that! 


We encourage everyone to attend the event!  All the students get a big kick out of watching their classmates perform and the show is really inspirational to kids and adults alike.  And as a way to include kids with talents other than theatrical ones, we are inviting them to create artwork for our step and repeat.  So if you child does not sing, dance or play an instrument, they can still participate in the show.


We are trying to get a sense of the number of attendees.  If you think you will might attend the show, please RSVP to this announcement. 


If your child want to perform in the show, please send us an email at icsfamilycommittee@gmail.com.


So everyone get your performances ready!  We are looking forward to the show!



Your Family Organization Family Activities Committee Co-Chairs,

Alisha and Simone