AROUND TOWN: BAMkids - A Billion Nights on Earth
Sat, Nov 18 2:00pm
BAM Fisher - Fishman Space, 321 Ashland Pl.


A late-night trip to the refrigerator for a glass of milk opens a door to another dimension in this theatrical epic inspired by pop-up books, Kabuki stagecraft, and parent-child relationships. Eschewing the shoulds and should-nots of adulthood for the anarchic laws of play, visionary director Thaddeus Phillips and Obie Award-winning installation artist Steven Dufala conjure a spectacular quest through space and time, guided by sleight-of-hand stagecraft, a cinematic score by Juan Gabriel Turbay, and the limitless possibilities of the imagination. When a treasured object goes missing, real-life father and son actor must rely on their own creativity, and each other, to survive a world of wild landscapes—and still make it back home.


Tickets $15


321 Ashland Pl. Fort Greene