Advocating for a nurse at 9 Hanover and smaller class sizes
Sun, Mar 31 9:52am
The International Charter School of NYC

Hi all - with the new school year coming up, I wanted to suggest that if you have concerns about the lack of a school nurse over at 9 Hanover, or about the larger class sizes (2nd grade went down to 3 classrooms from 4  in the 2018-2019 year), now would be the time to voice them to Matthew and Ellen. The reason given for not having a nurse this year was that we don't have the required dedicated sink for a nurse station, but if we are expanding onto another floor and renovating the space over the summer, there is no reason that they couldn't meet the requirements for a nurses office. I also suspect (though I could be wrong) that we went from 4 to 3 classrooms in the 2nd grade because there wasn't space to have an additional classroom on the floor we are currently on, but again, if we are taking over another floor, it seems as though it would be possible that they could add another class back in order to keep the class sizes to smaller teacher/student ratios.  I'm going to be emailing Matthew and Ellen about these issues, and just want to encourage anyone else with strong feelings about these two issues (or others) to reach out now as well. Thanks!