After School CHESS @ ICS - Use this correct registration link
Thu, Jul 11 9:58pm
The International Charter School of NYC

Hi ICS parents,

I hope summer is relaxing and rejuvenating.

As you know, we are having after school chess program at ICS next year as 85 kids, so far, showed interest in the survey I sent out earlier this year :)!


Chess is offered on Mon at 55 Willoughby St. and on Wed and Fri at 9 Hanover St. (Note: you do not need to register to both days at Hanover but it will be great if you do)


The Coach who will be teaching out kids at ICS (Mr Colding or in short Mr C) is one of a kind. Both kids and parents will love him and will learn to love the game of chess as they get good at it.

I hope your kid/s will join the program.


Since the link to register to chess at the ICS after school site isn't working (until it will be fixed) I'm including the correct link below  


Happy chess playing!!!