After School Options - Explanation
Mon, Dec 11 1:04pm
The International Charter School of NYC

Hi Parents,


I'm sure you have noticed all my posts about more After School options  provided by the teachers.  We  wanted to quickly explain the sudden increase.  


We know after school options are important to all of you, so we have been working hard to make the registration process organized and efficient.  While doing so, we brought in the company Sawyer.  Their service has allowed teachers to take more ownership over their classes.  Ellen loved this and agreed to invite all the teachers to learn about Sawyer and give them the  opportunity to teach an after school class if they would like.


As you can see, many teachers are interested, which I think says a lot about our children!! The teachers want to spend more time with them after a long day of school.


For the remainder of the year, we will roll out the classes as they come to us.  


Our plan for next year is to offer our ICS FO Teacher Run After School Classes  in a semester schedule, so you can sign up for everything in the beginning of the year.   We hope this will make it possible for more students to register.


As you enroll in classes and your children report back to you, please let us know what is working and what could improve.  We will be putting in some guidelines and parameters next year such as class size, time, subject, getting to the program etc.  to make it as enriching for our children as possible.


We will be updating our website soon, so you can see all of the classes listed there.  


Thank you


Jackie & Shannon