After School registration still open!
Wed, Aug 28 9:35pm

Hi everyone!


For those still needing to get their after-school needs covered, registration will be kept open this week. Only 1-2 classes so far have decided not to cancel, so plenty of slots still available. 


For people requiring Thursday cover, there are a few options:

  • Kids Orbit for part or full afternoon (starting Sept 9th). 
    For non-regular KO attendees, last year the fee was $40 for pickup before/by 4pm, and $80 for cover until 6pm.  We expect a small adjustment due to dismissal being an hour late, but this is a good indication. 
  • Offsite providers: Gymstars, Created By Kids, Backpacks & Binoculars, Brooklyn Music School all will do a pickup from both campuses 
  • Outdoor classes  (9 Hanover mainly): Soccer, Play:Ground NYC, Healthy Kids Club. These clubs only run part of the semester. But kids are welcome to join one of the other activities (eg. Gymstars or Created By Kids) after the outdoor classes end for the rest of the semester if there is still space. This info is on the FO / afterschool webpage
  • Finally, SLA is able to do a pickup from both campuses on Thursday at/around 'normal' dismissal time (Willoughby 3:45, Hanover 3:55) for kids attending Kids Orbit, Soccer etc. that  want to take a class / need cover until later. Sign up through the SLA



I hope this information is helpful.

If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions etc. please let me know. I may be able to help!

Thanks again for making afterschool possible!